About Heritage Center D.E.

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Heritage Center D.E

Contact information

Hester Wandel
hester.wandel [at] jdecoffee.com
Keulsekade 143
3532 AA Utrecht, Netherlands


  • Advertising material, including enamel plates, billboards, window decals, calendars, commercials.
  • Gifts, including children’s books, coffee mugs, service ware, land albums,
  • Coffee, tea, and tobacco packaging
  • Slides and photographic material, including pictures of personnel, property, stores
  • Yearly reports
  • Company newsletters
  • Library
  • Other physical artefacts


The collection of the Heritage Center DE was gradually built up over the years, initially as part of the central archive division. In the eighties, in the times of Cor Boonstra, the historical archive received more attention and became an independent division of the company. Around the beginning of the new millennium, the Heritage Center D.E received its own location, where there was more space to house and further expand the collection.

At the time around Douwe Egberts’ 250th anniversary in 2003,there was a peak in requests for information. A lot of material was made (digitally) available on the Douwe Egberts website at the time.

Gradually the Heritage Center received a more prominent place with the clients and consumers (instead of an internal encyclopedia). Michiel Herkemeij, CEO of Douwe Egberts played an important role by expressly linking the Heritage Center with the company’s marketing efforts.

These developments eventually resulted in a new location in Utrecht where guests could be received and immersed in the rich history of Douwe Egberts .


The Heritage Center D.E has the following purpose:

  • Safeguard the history and accumulated knowledge of Douwe Egberts (coffee, tea, tobacco)
  • Share information about the history of Douwe Egberts (coffee, tea, tobacco)

This is achieved by:

  • Acquiring new materials for the collection;
  • Managing and making them accessible, such as through this website;
  • Making information about and from this collection available for use in displays, research, etc.




Van der Zee – van Winkelnering tot Wereldmerk Book about family De Jong